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PlayPosit is a platform to create and share interactive video lessons. Begin with any online video (from Panopto, YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, TED, etc.) and add questions and interactions to create engaging learning experiences.


Getting Started

PlayPosit is currenlty in pilot at the University of Arizona and being explored by more than 30 classes in spring and fall semesters, 2018. Those interested in learning more about PlayPosit may request to join our PlayPosit Pilot Site in D2L, or begin exploring the free version of the tool by creating an account with PlayPosit. 

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Creating Interactive Videos/Bulbs

PlayPosit takes a passive experience, that of watching a video, and adds active learning components. Using the PlayPosit platform and a video streaming service like Panopto, Youtube, or Vimeo, a creator adds points of engagement to the video. These engagements can take the form of multiple choice or true/false questions, reflective pauses, polls, and discussions. An interactive videos in PlayPosit terms is a "Bulb".

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About the Pilot:

The Office of Digital Learning began piloting PlayPosit in Spring 2017 with 15 UA Online classes. The pilot continues through the 2018 school year with 30 instructors (both UA Online and Main Campus) and their classes. Though this pilot, we investigate: 

  • PlayPosit's core functionality
  • student response to interative video lessons
  • application of an value of playposit analyctis


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Katy Holt, Office of Digital Learning