VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to share images, documents, video and audio files for community feedback.


Getting Started

At the University of Arizona, VoiceThread is integrated with Brightspace (D2L). You may choose to access the tool through your D2L course site (recommended for class use), or outside D2L through the UA's VoiceThread site (arizona.voicethread.com).

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VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based, interactive collaboration tool that allows users to compile a variety of media such as images, videos, audio clips, presentations, and documents into a single space for discussions. With VoiceThread, conversations may take place synchronously or asynchronously through contributed comments with microphone, text, webcam video, telephone, or uploaded audio/video files. Think of VoiceThread as bringing the in-person classroom discussion to a virtual space!




General Support Documentation and Knowledgebase

Office of Instruction and Assessment, VoiceThread Mini Course

VoiceThread Resources

Updated Commenting Feature - Private, Direct, and Threaded 
Comment Moderation
Sorting your VoiceThreads
Filetypes accepted for uploading

InTech (Instructional Technology) Team, Office of Digital Learning



Phyllis Brodsky, Office of Instruction and Assessment

520.661.6400  pebrodsk@email.arizona.edu 

VoiceThread Workshops

VoiceThread Basics 1 - Upload, Comment, and Share
January 10 at 5:00P 

VoiceThread Basics 2 - Groups and Secure Sharing
January 17 at 5:00P

VoiceThread Basics 3 - Moderating Comments, Private and Threaded Replies, and Copying
January 24 at 5:00P

VoiceThread Basics 1 - VoiceThread and Your LMS
January 31 at 5:00P