Examity for Students


Examity is The University of Arizona's online authentication and proctoring service. Instructors may choose to use Examity with any exam assessment in any UA course. It provides a level of security for test taking. Examity uses web-based services to allow students to schedule their exam time, and to connect test takers with proctors on the day of the exam. 


Getting Started

Examity is integrated with your D2L. You can easily access Examity through your course site and your instructor will prompt you how to do so. You can get to Examity through the navigation bar "UA Tools" drop-down menu and click "Examity". The link will send you to Examity's test-taking site (your dashboard) where you can get started with making a profile (for first-time users) and/or schedule your exam!


It is recommended to do the followings things a MINIMUM of 24 hours before the exam.

1. Sign up for an Examity Account

Before you can begin a proctored assessment, you must sign up for an Examity account through D2L. There are a few ways to do this. Go to your D2L course site and click on Examity, which can be found through… 

  1. “UA Tools” on the navigation bar and select Examity.
  2. “Content” on the navigation bar and find the Examity external tool set-up.
  3. “Examity” may be located on the navigation bar too.

From the Examity dashboard, setup a profile. You will need to...

  • answer three security questions
  • enter a keystroke biometric signature
  • select your time zone
  • and confirm your name, email address, and phone number

If you do not have a CatCard photo on file with the UA, upload an image of your Government ID (State Driver's License or Identification Card). You will need to bring this same ID with you each time you take a test with Examity.

2. Schedule your proctoring appointment with Examity

After you create an Examity profile, you will have the option to schedule a proctoring time. Return to your Examity dashboard and select the "Make Appointment" link.

Please note that if you are scheduling your exam within 24 hours of when you want to take it, there is an “On-Demand” button you will need to turn on. “On-Demand” will charge you a fee of $3.

3. Check Your System

Examity will use the following system requirements for a proctoring session. Be sure to confirm your equipment matches the following standards:

  • Desktop computer or laptop (not tablet, smartphone, iPad or Chromebook)
  • Webcam and microphone (built-in or external)
  • Connection to network with internet speed of at least 3 Mbps
  • Minimum operating system of Windows XP, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.8
  • Browser with pop-up blocker disabled – Google Chrome v39 or later, Mozilla Firefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8 or later, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari v6 or later

It is also highly encouraged that you use Examity's computer readiness system check to ensure your system meets Examity's requirement to take your exam. 

Good luck with your test!

Campus Resources

Disability Resources Center 

Students with disabilities can access Examity and will be expected to use Examity if it is chosen for course related assessments. If you have questions about accessibility or the exam or Examity process,
please contact the DRC at 520-621-5760 or drc-testing@email.arizona.edu

Library Tech Loan 

Need a computer to take your exam? Check out the UA Library's Tech Loan Program. Laptops can be checked out on a first-come, first-service basis for up to 5 days.

Dean of Students 

Learn more about academic integrity in a digtial/online classroom environment.


During a proctoring session, students are able to talk directly with a proctor or submit questions through the service's chat feature. Outside of proctoring session, students may contact

Examity support 24/7

phone at (855)-392-6489