Examity is a campus-wide exam security solution for the University of Arizona. Examity authenticates test-takers, prevents cheating and protects tests from being copied.

Getting Started

Examity is available to use in all University of Arizona courses and can be added to a learning management (LMS) course site. If you do not use an LMS site for your course, but do conduct exams through another web based tool, you can still use Examity. Follow our links below for additional information. 

Examity for Instructors and Course Admins

Examity for Students

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Examity offers levels of security from authentication through live proctoring to ensure that the student taking the test is the person who is supposed to be taking the test.  All authentication and proctoring are done electronically through a web interface integrated with the UA’s Learning Management System, Brightspace (D2L). 




Examity at the UA (overview)

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