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Credly is a digital badging tool used to issue portable, secure credentials.


Getting Started

Credly is the University of Arizona's badging platform. Credly may be accessed using UA NetID and credentials either through or (COMING SOON!) through the learning management system, D2L. Create a profile with Credly and start exploring!

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What are digital badges?

Digital badges are a visual representation of an earned or awarded credential, experience, or accomplishment. These badges can be shared on webpages or social media sites by the earner. They contain metadata to provide credibility which often includes awarding institution (University of Arizona), date of issue, date of expiry, rubric associated with credential.

"Open Badge Anatomy" by Class Hack

Why use digital badging?

Badges help communicate about competencies, achievements, and skills that an individual has earned or achieve. As a digital credential, they can be shared in a variety of web-spaces or on social media platforms.

In higher education, badging is being adopted to meet a variety of needs such as,

  • helping students better understand the learning outcomes and skillsets they gained through course work, programs, or in co-curricular activities
  • helping departments to think critically about their programmatic goals
  • encouraging and aknowledging professional development opportunities for staff and faculty

These credentials may be tied directly to the learning outcomes of a single class, or across core competencies of an academic program or can existoutside of the curriculum entirely.

About Credly

Credly provides a framework through which Issuers can create badges, define evidence and criteria and then award or issue claim codes for these credentials. Credly also acts as a platform through which earners can explore credentials, finding ones that meet their needs and through which earners may display earned credentials.

Badge Examples

Build The Skill: Collaboration

Issued by: UA Student Engagement and Career Development

Fast Track: Adobe Creative Cloud Super

Issued by: UA Student Engagement and Career Development