D2L Community

D2L Community

D2L Community is the University of Arizona's D2L instance intended for not-for-credit programs and UA community activities.

Getting Started 

D2L Community sites are available to any University of Arizona Community effort which is not-for-credit or used by non-UA affiliates (individuals without UA credentials). In order to begin using the D2L Community instance, programs or classes will need to work with their College's or Department's designated Community representative, please check with your local IT department for a contact or if you are ready to get started, go here Office of Instruction and Assessment D2L Community Page 


D2L Community is envisioned as a space dedicated to the University's landgrant mission . The site functions similarly to the UA's academic D2L space with all D2L core functionality enabled, but with limited access to other UA tools. 

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For Free Programs

D2L Community is free for use by programs or courses which do not collect student or participant fees.  Please contact your College or Department IT to request access to a site. If your department does not have a Community representative, please contact Mark Felix mwfelix@email.arizona.edu to request access and to join the the D2L Community special interest group.

For Charge Programs

D2L Community has a per-seat charge for programs or courses which collect fees. If your program will charge students or attendees, please email Valerie Mourelatos valerie4@email.arizona.edu for information about fees and to initiate the payment process for your course site.


D2L Community sites will be supported by the requesting program or course or their college or departmental IT. 


D2L Help Pages - http://help.d2l.arizona.edu/