Emerging Technology

Emerging Technology

Throughout the course of the semester, the designers in the Office of Digital Learning liaise with faculty to discuss practical applications of emerging technology in their courses. Though these solutions may not be implemented at the enterprise level right away, we will use this space to compile implementation strategies, data, examples of usage and pilot information regarding cutting edge technology currently being utilized in UA Online courses.

This list is constantly evolving, so please feel free to share applications that you are using in the classroom to be featured on this site. We are always interested in your online experiences. If you have ideas or resources not presented on this site, please contact us so we can share your expertise with others! You can use the Contact Us form on this site to submit links to your usage of these applications in your teaching and learning.



Build a set of flashcards or create a diagram (digital, of course) and then get to quizzing! Share your study set with others and take advantage of the thousands of free study sets already built.

Biology: Cell Structure https://quizlet.com/_3l0ysf

Epidemiology: https://quizlet.com/_3t9rxf





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