PlayPosit for Students

PlayPosit is a platform to create and share interactive video lessons. Begin with any online video (from Panopto, YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, TED, etc.) and add questions and interactions to create engaging learning experiences.


PlayPosit takes a passive experience, like watching a video, and makes it more interactive for you as the learner! The interaction is created throughout the video and varies from multiple choice questions, true/false statements, reflective pauses, polls, and discussions. It gives you an opportunity to engage in the video, while reflecting on your gained knowledge from the lesson. 

Getting Started

What is a bulb?

A bulb is an interactive video! 

How do I use PlayPosit?

Press "play" and watch the bulb like any regular video and respond to the questions as they appear! 

Where is PlayPosit found? 

If your course is using PlayPosit, bulbs should be found in the D2L course site either embeded in content or directly linking to PlayPoist. It is recommended that you access PlayPosit through D2L or the link provided by the instructor. 

Try a bulb and see how your instructor might use it in class!

Completion of the bulb

At the end of bulb, you will see a "Review and Submit" box on the right-side of the bulb window. If you do NOT see this window, you have not completed the bulb and its entirety. There may be multiple videos in one bulb, or questions that you skipped or didn't answer. 


Depending on the question type, some questions are graded immediately upon answering, while some may require the instructor to review it and give points. Questions that are not auto-graded may appear as "0" in the "Review and Submit" pop-up and/or in the D2L gradebook. 

Refer to the chart below to see what question types are automatically graded and which ones are not. 

Question Type Grading
Multiple Choice Auto-graded
Check All Auto-graded
Free Responses Not Auto-graded
Fill-in-the-Blank Not Auto-graded

Fun Extra Knowledge about PlayPosit as a Learner

Print out the Questions and Responses

After completing a bulb, you have the ability to view a pdf of all the questions and your responses. You may save and/or print out the pdf to use as reviewing material for the course. 

Explanation Box

After answering questions, you may go back to that question and explain your choice in the explanation box found underneath the question on the left-side window. Any text written in the explanation box will be seen by the instructor and also saved into the "View PDF" mode. 

System Requirements

PlayPosit System Requirement Detailed Information

Internet Connection

It is recommended to have 1 to 2 Mbps for ideal streaming, even though, YouTube only requires 0.5 Mbps for streaming. A slower connection speed may cause the bulb to seem buggy.

Web Browser Compability

The best browser to use PlayPosit (building or playing bulbss) is the latest version of Google Chrome. Get Chrome here

iPad and Andriod tablet Compatibilty

PlayPosit is a web-based tool with no current Android or iOS app. Anyone can build or view bulbs through the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari, although it is not recommended to do it on a mobile or tablet device. For the best experience, please access PlayPosit through a computer or laptop.


PlayPosit's Knowledgebase 

Student FAQ


InTech (Instructional Technology) Team, Office of Digital Learning