VoiceThread for Instructors

VoiceThread is an interactive collaboration and sharing tool that enables users to share images, documents, video and audio files for community feedback.


VoiceThread (VT) is a web-based, interactive collaboration tool that allows users to compile a variety of media such as images, videos, audio clips, presentations, and documents into a single space for discussions. With VoiceThread, conversations may take place synchronously or asynchronously through contributed comments with microphone, text, webcam video, telephone, or uploaded audio/video files. Think of VoiceThread as bringing the in-person classroom discussion to a virtual space!

At the University of Arizona, VoiceThread is integrated with Brightspace (D2L). You may choose to access the tool through your D2L course site (recommended for class use), or outside D2L through the UA's VoiceThread site (arizona.voicethread.com).

Getting Started

Accessing VoiceThread

VoiceThread is available for use in all The University of Arizona courses through the D2L course site or through the UA's VoiceThread site (arizona.voicethread.com) with UA credentials.

There are a couple of ways to access VT. It is recommended that you use the first options if this is your first time accessing VT with a course.

  1. Go to your D2L course site, click the "UA Tools dropdown in the top navigation bar, and select "Voicethread" from the dropdown menu. See a step-by-step guide here
  2. Go directly to UA's VoiceThread space (arizona.voicethread.com) and log in with your UA credentials

Creating a VoiceThread

The best way to learn about VoiceThread is to try it out! 

Use the University of Arizona's VoiceThread Threadbox to learn about core features, and when ready, try building your own VoiceThreads. 

  1. Go to to the VT platform (either through your D2L course site or from http://arizona.voicethread.com/). 
  2. From the top navigation bar, select the "Create" button
  3. Add any media of your choice
  4. Select playback and threaded commenting options
  5. Add comments to slides
  6. And once ready, Share

Sharing a VoiceThread

Because of the value VoiceThread places on ownership of content, each VoiceThread must be shared before it is accessible by anyone other than the creator. VTs can be shared a handful of ways: 

Share with a group - only members of this group may access the content
Share with an individual - only individual may access content
Share with an open URL - anyone with the link may access the content
Unshare - revoke access to a VoiceThread


The Platform Basics

VoiceThread is available through the web or a mobile application

When accessing VoiceThread in the browser, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox. VoiceThread has a free mobile application that can be found on the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Click here for more about VoiceThread's mobile app and click here for a How-To guide, on setting up mobile arizona.voicethread

Voicethread values ownership

All VoiceThread content is owned by the individual who created it. An individual can determine by whom and when their content is accessed through sharing permissions and comment moderation.  VoiceThreads are private by default, and must be shared to be viewed by any other user or group.

VoiceThread within D2L 

When using VoiceThread through D2L, we recommend using the integrated links. These links can be found under the UA Tools dropdown - in the top navigation bar of most sites - or through the Existing Activities and External Learning Tools links under content areas. 

The integrated link will do a few nifty things: 

  1. It builds a VoiceThread Course Group for your class. This Course Group is similar to D2L's class list, it gives individuals access to VoiceThread Content based on their enrollment in your course site. 
  2. It gives students access to content shared with the Course Group. Per the note above, VoiceThread restricts access to content until it has been shared. 
  3. It automatically creates Arizona.VoiceThread accounts. In order to view, comment on, and build VoiceThreads, individuals need a VoiceThread account and clicking an integated link will complete account setup for them.

VoiceThread Universal

VoiceThread Universal allows for an easier usage with screen readers. If you would like to use a screen reader with VoiceThread, please remember to change the setting on your VoiceThread to be VoiceThread Universal (refer below).

For more information about VT Universal, check out the following link


Campus Resources

The Disability Resources Center

Please work with the DRC learn about accessibility with Voicethread and VoiceThread Universal


Using VT with D2L

Support Contacts

InTech (Instructional Technology) Team, Office of Digital Learning